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2009  Rules of Play

1.                     USGA Rules in effect except for noted local club rules
2.                     Special rules and etiquette in effect as listed on scorecard.
3.                     It is permissible to roll ball once, but no closer to the hole, in fairways only, play ball as it lies in the rough and sand traps.
4.                     In any case where you think the ball you hit is either out of bounds  (O.B.) or lost, hit a provisional ball.  If you eventually play the provisional ball add  1 stroke penalty. If your original ball is found and is not O.B. there is no penalty for having hit the provisional ball.  If you have failed to hit a provisional ball and your ball is either O.B. or lost, you must take the following action: take a drop within two club lengths (not nearer to the hole) of where you believe your ball crossed the O.B. line or where a lost ball entered a wooded area or came to rest, and add a 2 stroke penalty.         

In Summary:
                          1.  Hit provisional ball if 1st ball maybe out of bounds or lost
                          2.  If  1st ball is lost or unplayable- play provisional - one stroke penalty
                          3.  If ball is found and is in play, play ball with no penalty.
                          4.  If ball is lost and provisional not played, take drop and 2 strokes
Note:  These are the options, for reasons of pace of play you CAN NOT return to the point where you last hit and play a substitute ball with penalty.

5.                     Balls hit into water hazards:
                            Water hazards on #1, 2 , 7  and #8  are considered a lateral hazard. There are four ways of taking relief with a one stroke penalty, The first option is going back and playing a ball as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.  The second allows the player to drop a ball behind the water hazard, keeping the point at which the original ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is dropped, with no limit to how far behind the water hazard the ball may be dropped.  The options available only for lateral water hazards are dropping a ball outside the water hazard within two club-lengths of and not nearer the hole than (1) the point where the ball last crossed the margin of the water hazard or (2) a point on the opposite margin of the water hazard equidistant from the hole.
6.                         No gimmee putts

7.                         Maximum strokes for a hole will be double par for the hole. Put score on card into computer at the end of the round, computer will calculate handicap for golfers. 

8.                         Golfers must complete 7 rounds prior to September 24th to be eligible for league championship awards. In the event of a tie during the league championship rounds, a sudden-death playoff will be used to decide the flight winner.  


9.                       White tee box will be used.

10.                   If overhead wires are hit on either hole 4 or 5,  player may re-hit shot without penalty.  The second shot must be played, no matter if first ball is in better position or second shot goes out of bounds.

11.                 Hole # 5 use the walking path on the left side as the out of bounds line.

12.               On hole # 8, it is recommended that players not take short cut off of the tee and hit onto hole #1. This is for safety reasons as well as pace of play for those playing the first hole.  Everything to the left of the cart path ( as cart is driven on #1)  will be out of bounds for those playing #8.    It is further recommended that players endeavor to go over pond rather than the creek and trees on hole #8.   For balls hit into the pond, the drop area  located in front of the pond  will not be used in league play this year, go to the 150 yard marker and hit from there with a one stroke penalty.

*    Hitting the flag stick when putting, where the flagstick is attended or on the ground
*    Hitting the wrong ball.
*    Grounding the club in a bunker.
*    Hitting your own equipment (cart, bag, clubs, etc )
*    Ball lost or out of bounds and not going back to original spot where ball was last played, or not playing a provisional and just dropping a ball. ( see rule 4)