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2012 Pinecrest Men's League Schedule

There will be 30 events during the 32 week season. Players must participate in at least 10 events to be eligible for award which include A, B, and C flight winners as well as overall champ or "Low Gross" winner. Players can win only one award.

Flight handicaps have changed to spread the field out. "A" will be 0 - 8; "B" 9 - 12; and "C" will be 13+.
We will begin the season with a four-man scramble and end the season with a two-man scramble. There will be 23 stroke play events, with the only low gross event on week #2. Flights will be established after that and 22 low net tourneys will follow.

Once a month we will have a special event tournament intended to add variety to the schedule. These events include: 4-man scramble- 4/11; Four Club- 5/2; No Whiner- 6/13; Pinecrest Stableford- 7/18; Ringer- 8/22; Roll the Dice- 9/26; 2-man scramble - 10/24.

The week of July 4th will again be a Bye Week with no league play. The awards luncheon will be held one week after the season finale to allow for a rain date if necessary and time to make the trophies.
Additionally, there will be Match Play again this year. Instead of a 64 man double elimination tourney, we will have three single elimination tourneys broken into the three flights.

Match play this year will be from August 29- September 19. 16 players per flight or 48 players will participate. Names of interested players will be placed in a hat and the first 16 pulled will play in tourney in each flight. Everyone else will play low net on match play dates. Every effort will be made for players to schedule and get in the matches in a timely manner.

Two weekly contests will be added this season. In addition to our regular weekly games, there will be a monthly putting contest - lowest number of putts each month - ( must play each week in the month to be eligible); and a "Skins " game with a separate kitty (50c) similar to "chip in birdie" game which will stay at 50c. Skins' contestants will be broken down into two groups, "A" and B/C. We will review the league score sheet each week and whomever has best gross score on a hole will win ! If two players tie with gross eagle or birdie on same hole, all will tie and it will be a push. This continues until there is a winner. If no one wins for the day, pot will roll over to the next week until there is a winner.

Hopefully this will increase everyone's interest in the league and give all members a good reason to battle the roughs off fairways, water hazards, sand traps and other assorted hazards, not to mention possible inclement weather and at times harsh conditions that will be encountered. Let's look forward to a successful and enjoyable 2012 season. The annual start-up meeting is planned for March 7th when final plans and decisions will be made.