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March 4, 2009 8:00am – 10:00am 2009 Pinecrest Players Assistant Kick-off Meeting Minutes

1) Introduced David Leff as the new volunteer coordinator. Unfortunately, David resigned March 8, 2009. David past roles at Pinecrest Golf Course have included being a starter/marshal volunteer, worked with the maintenance crew, and a manager on duty.

2) Recognized Steve Flynn for his past contributions to include serving as the past volunteer coordinator, creating starter/marshal handbook that outlines duties and benefits, and helping the maintenance crew.

3) Welcomed six new volunteer starter/marshals Gene Meale (Tuesday Morning), David Hollowell (Wednesday Afternoon), Pamela Green (Friday Morning), Dave Norem (Friday Morning), Conno Oneill (Saturday Morning), and Mark Evans (Saturday Afternoon).

4) Discussed our number targets for daily shifts. For the Monday through Thursday shifts we will have three volunteers on staff and for the Friday through Sunday shifts we will have four volunteers on staff due to higher play volume during the weekends. Currently, no volunteer shifts are open.

5) Discussed the job description and responsibilities for the Starter vs. Marshal. Referred to the handbook Steve Flynn put together. In addition, each volunteer will only be allowed to play 18 free holes a day and must obtain a ticket for each round for record purposes.

6) Discussed the shift start and end times. The first AM starter/marshal will work from 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM while the second AM starter/marshal will work 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. In addition, the late AM starter/marshal should stay until the late PM starter/marshal arrives. The first PM starter/marshal will work from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM and the second PM starter will work from 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM. The shift times will adjust as the days stretch longer. Want volunteer starter/marshal to call the clubhouse before arriving during inclement weather.

7) Implemented a new training method for new volunteer/marshal. We will designate team leaders for each shift therefore if we need to train a new person they can go through a trial run with the team leader and the people within the shift to see how it works. In addition, the volunteer coordinator will be contacting each team leader when necessary for better communication.

8) Stressed the importance of customer service and positive attitude. The volunteers are like the first line of defense. They are usually the first person a customer meets. In addition, elaborated on the proper technique for answering the phone and stressed the importance of promoting the “Pinecrest” brand name. Make sure you indicate this is Pinecrest golf course at the beginning of the phone call.

9) Pace of play is an issue at Pinecrest due to the high volume of beginners and young golfers. n addition the 2nd hole causes major backups. Please refer to “Outpost on #2” in the volunteer manual. Stressed the importance of the marshal driving around the course frequently (45 minutes of every hour) to ensure the pace of play is being abided by. Discussed the pros and cons of writing the tee time on each ticket in addition to punching the ticket.

10) Referred to the “Snoopy Pamphlet” for proper etiquette on the course. Encouraged volunteers to read through the “Snoopy Pamphlet” and provided extra copies.

11) Changed the unavailable times to every hour during the weekends. This will help with pace of play issues and allow walk-ons to be able to play within an hour. In addition, the unavailable times will not be filled and cannot be used by volunteers going forward. Only paying customers will be able to utilize the unavailable times.

12) Due to the reduced staff within the maintenance department stressed the importance of the course maintenance program. Encouraged volunteers to help out with coolers, changing tee markers, rakes inside the bunkers, trash, checking ballwashers & towels, divots, and making new divot mix.

13) The policy within the County of Fairfax for check-in states: “If not here 30 minutes prior, you run the risk…” At Pinecrest, we allow people to check-in up to 10 minutes prior. If one person is present then we will require payment with a no refund policy in order to hold the other spots within the group or we will fill it with a walk-on.

14) During Twilight, we will utilize the poker chip system again this year. Had success with this program last year. The pro-shop will not start selling Twilight rounds until 10 minutes before Twilight begins and each customer must present a poker chip to the pro shop in order to receive the Twilight rate. When you operate from the outside starter shack, poker chips must be used regardless how busy the course. Poker chips are not necessary if you operate from inside.

15) Stressed due to the new phone system, the volunteer phone must stay plugged in overnight. In addition, showed everybody how to use the phone. For example, transferring calls and the importance of knowing important phone numbers for the course.

16) Indicated that the tee time sheets shows 18 holes reserved if the person makes a phone registration vs. 9 holes for an online registration. Either way, the course is 9-hole course so they have made a 9-hole registration.

17) Stressed we will not allow golfers to go directly from the 9th green to the 1st tee. This is strictly prohibited. Must get a ticket for every round of golf.

18) Every volunteer must sign in and out each time they perform duties at Pinecrest that will be credited toward their seven volunteer hours for the week.

19) Practicing on the course in strictly prohibited. If we catch someone hitting numerous balls on the course you will be disciplined for your actions.

20) Discussed the possibility of winter layoffs for volunteers in the future. In essence, Pinecrest might not need volunteers during the winter hours.

21) Starting Monday, March 9th regular rates are effective. The grill will be open, extra hour of sunlight, and the outdoor range will be open.

22) Each volunteer will only be allowed to play 18 holes a day and must obtain a ticket for each round for record purposes. If a volunteer would like to play more than 18 holes a day then he/she must pay the reduced rate during the week and full rate during the weekend and holidays. In addition, range balls and practice on the range or downstairs is allowed for volunteers. For full benefit details refer to volunteer handbook.

23) Held the appreciation drawing. The winners were Yoonsik Kang who won a round of golf for two at Twin Lakes and James Ivery who won a round of golf for four at Laurel Hill.

24) Held the AED orientation with Mikki downstairs. She went over the proper method for using the AED machine. She stressed the importance of applying the pads properly and making sure everybody is away from the body including no touching of the toes while the AED machine is in operation. In addition, Mikki offered to hold a CPR class in we can find enough participation. The more people at the golf course that are trained in CPR and AED the more likely lives will be saved